Steering rack

davidpertuz at davidpertuz at
Thu Oct 23 12:30:20 CDT 2008

>My general experiences with B13 steering, however:
>*  The racks start to feel "sloppy" after 150K miles or so.  There's a
>TSB on tightening it, but I've never done it my self, nor heard of
>anyone doing the procedure.  Some guy with apparently way too much time
>on his hands snail-mailed me all the TSBs about... jeesh... 13 years
>ago?!?  I could probably dig up a copy for ya'  :)
>*  The high-pressure hose from the pump to the rack is very failure
>prone after 150K.
>*  The boots may crack around 200K.  Ordering the correct ones from
>Nissan is a bitch.  Aftermarket ones are not worth your trouble.
>*  I've seen rack leaks develop on two NXen after 200K.


I've got a bundle of TSBs that the _very_same_guy_ mailed me many years ago....if you can remember who he was, maybe you can email him and ask for a copy :)

Wayne, why is ordering rack boots a bitch? I orcered replacements for my _10 and B13 (they're still sitting in my parts box, waiting to be installed....) from Greg Vogel and it was easy-peasy-Japanesey.


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