cleaning soiled headliners

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Mon Jan 7 08:27:52 CST 2008

I've had good luck with denatured alcohol for cleaning headliners and other upholstery.  Put a little on a rag or towel and use very little pressure.  Should get the stain right out.

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> My G20's headliner could use a little cleaning. There has been a little bit of 
> staining around the sunroof opening from unknown water seepage, and until now 
> this has been the only thing I've wanted to clean up a bit. But....this week I 
> left a Coke in the front seat map pocket. With temps doen to 7F, or course it 
> froze, exploded and shot Coke-sticky all over my interior, which I didnt' 
> discover til tonight since it's been sitting all week. Soo....what is the most 
> effective way to clean headliner mouse-fur? I would probably go with Simple 
> Green first, but it's the technique I'm not sure about.
> thanks,
> David
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