Changing front seal with engine still in car?

davidpertuz at davidpertuz at
Sat Nov 11 18:13:25 CST 2006

>the 5th gear pop out repair and the MAF reground).  The front seal is 
>PISSING oil out and making a royal mess out of the engine bay and the garage 
>floor.  Has anyone dropped the passenger side of the engine low enough to 
>get the main pulley out and change the seal?  What ther items did you have 

I did this on my G20 when it still had its original engine, and it was easy. I think 
I removed the nearby motor mount so that I could lower the engine with a jack, 
but I may have been able to do it without that - I don't quite remember. Once you 
remove the splash shield it is all more or less staring right at you through the wheel 
well. The only other things I had to remove were the belts. I got a puller from 
Autozone, and a screwdriver and gentle touch took care of the seal. It was all really 
easy. Unlike replacing the water pump, there is plenty of clearance because you get at 
it through the wheel well.


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