Moving away from SE-R

John A. Heer jheer at
Wed Nov 8 07:11:24 CST 2006

I really am sorry to have missed the past 2 SaltFests. I don't know if I
can go to the upcoming one either because of work commitments :-(

You can always call me if ... I mean when ... you get into trouble (cell
phone = 216/IMA-SLEEP). I don't know who is the corrupting influence:
Schoenholz, you, Joe D., Ostlund, Lee K., Kieran, Sarah, David, the
Canadians (eh?), or the rest of the gang. Thank god you've got
Schumacher to bail you guys out since he's so level-headed and all. NOT.

Anyway, I'll stay on this list and check in with the forums
occasionally. So keep me up to date on the latest shenanigans. For a
small retainer (how much you got?), I can even be the "official SE-R

I promise to show off the MS3 whenever and wherever we can get together.
Hopefully it will be soon.


P.S. I drove the SE-R today to work for potentially the last time.
Woo-hoo! It is such a blast!

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From: Raymond Kawski [mailto:sr20de at] 
Well you better bring the 3 to SaltFest or some meet sometime.  We need
attorney present when we have gatherings.  Espcially if Schoenholz is 
invovled. ;)

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