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Peter Serwe peter at easytree.net
Fri Apr 30 21:41:47 CDT 2004

Matt MA wrote:

> Either way you will notice more grip because the ES100 performs better
> than the Kumho 712 (based on Tire Rack testing). The rubber compound
> will make a bigger difference than 10mm of tread width or 2 lbs of tire
> weight.

I still think the ES100's are ice skates.

Now if you said AVS Intermediates, I'd go bananas.

Those ROCKED.  I'd also argue that 205/50/15 Azenis
smoke them all for a street tire, but then, the treadwear
index is 140 (some argue it's really 120), instead of the
280 that the ES100's are.  I found ES100's to be kinda
hard, and not resilient to overheating.  In other words,
I chunked the crap out of them overdriving an A/X
course.  I wouldn't even *think* of doing an A/X with
ES100's ever again, for that matter.

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