Grinding NX 2000 Calipers

Bill Conner
Sun, 27 Jul 2003 16:18:41 -0500

After frying the stock brakes on my SE-R Classic at the track on
Father's Day, I decided it was time to either upgrade the brakes or
retire from track events.  I chose the former.

So I acquired the NX 2000 loaded calipers and rotors and went about the
job.  Since I was planning on using the OEM wheels to save money and
keep the stock look, I knew from that I would need to grind 1-2
mm off the outside face of the caliper.  So, I was prepared for doing
that as part of the job.

What I came to find out is that one needs to grind much more than 1-2 mm
off the calipers to use the stock wheels.  Four to five mm is more like
it -- almost a quarter of an inch.  This is not a job for a dremel -- I
eventually used a bench grinder to finish the work.  A quick search of
the mailing list archives confirmed that others had encountered this
discrepancy also.  I should have been more thorough in doing my home

So, now everything is all fitted, painted and works swell.  I did not
change the master cylinder, but did install braided stainless steel
lines.  I like the feel and performance of the new brakes, and they look
great filling all the space behind the OEM wheel.

But I'm a little concerned about the structural integrity of the
calipers after so much metal has been removed.  They are pretty much the
same thickness now in critical areas as the original calipers, so maybe
there is not really a problem.  Or maybe there is.

If you have any experience or expertise about the longevity and
track-worthiness of these modified calipers, please take a few minutes
to view the photos at the link below and share your thoughts.

If I had it to do over again, I would definitely spring for wheels wide
enough to avoid grinding the calipers so much.

Bill Conner
1993 Classic with bolt-ons, AGX/Hypercoils and now NX 2000 brakes lite