Grinding NX 2000 Calipers

Kevin J. Hart
Sun, 27 Jul 2003 16:24:28 -0500

Bill Conner wrote:

>If you have any experience or expertise about the longevity and
>track-worthiness of these modified calipers, please take a few minutes
>to view the photos at the link below and share your thoughts.

Ive been running on ground brakes for like 3+ years now.   Few auto-x's
and thats about it.  And an auto is harder on brakes than a stick too.
Ive not had one problem out of the brakes other than pads are a hair
more expensive.  Plenty of people have ran longer than me too.  I dont
think I took off that much but I did grind them.  Just enough to clear
the wheels at full pad.  Pretty close tho.  Havent had one problem, dont
worry, where it is, isnt all that structual just beefy

93 classic (Automatic, Stuff)