Installing some pillar gauges - am I okay?

Sean McMahon
Wed, 23 Jul 2003 01:51:56 -0500

Good luck...  The voltage will be real easy.  The water temp youll either have
to remove the stock sender and get the nismo adapter or get a piece of pipe and
put the sensor into that then split the radiator hose.  Better yet get the
NISsport adapter and support your fellow nissan nutz.
 They also have the T your going to need for the oil pressure sender.  You said
oil temp in your post but the site says oil pressure.  The pressure gage will
do more for you.  The oil temp sensor, if thats what you got, goes into the oil
pan.  Nismo makes an adaptor that replaces the oil pan plug or you can drill
into the oil pan and just mount it on the back side.


> I got one of those NX2000 gauge pillars off of lo-tek and some gauges off of
> ebay. I know I really don't need to know what my oil temp, water temp, and
> voltage is at all times, but just for fun, I want to. It came with a kit,
> adapters, and instructions - but I was reading in the archives I may need
> special adapters?