Installing some pillar gauges - am I okay?

The Walrus
Tue, 22 Jul 2003 18:57:55 -0500

I got one of those NX2000 gauge pillars off of lo-tek and some gauges off of
ebay. I know I really don't need to know what my oil temp, water temp, and
voltage is at all times, but just for fun, I want to. It came with a kit,
adapters, and instructions - but I was reading in the archives I may need
special adapters?

Anyone who has done this can you give me some pointers? here is the gauge kit
I purchased.

They suggest I'm all set, but I would LOVE to avoid any HUGE mistakes when I
start punching holes in my freakin' engine. I'm also doing my front wheel
bearings with instructions from the archives so wish me luck.

Dan in Maine
91' NX2000