Non-SE-R: GM OHV engines

Nathan Raymond
Mon, 25 Nov 2002 22:28:12 -0600

Actually, the '90 z24 3.1 has 140 hp.  not too
shabby for a v6 fWD engine for that year.  Better
than that, though, is the 180 ft/lbs of torque.  I
am the proud owner of a 90 z24 AND a 93 NX (and a
'01 Quest, but who's counting).  That cavalier was
ultra reliable and dirt cheap to fix.  Had it
since 94 and it's got me through some tough times
when I couldn't even afford spark plugs for it.
:-)  Decent off the line, put power *did* die off
rapidly at about 4-4.5k.  A GREAT first car.
Power everything, 5spd, sunroof, tilt, and seats
that almost rival the se-r's (ALMOST).  Plus you
could actually fit a *real* person or two in the
back seat.

Also....glad to be back to the se-r list.  I
haven't seriously been on the list since the end
of '98.  When my son was born, my wife and I
traded our 93 NX for a 99 Sentra SE and then for a
2001 Quest (the in-van tv is great on trips for 2
year olds!!!! but if I have to watch the Wiggles
and  Rolie Polie Olie one more time......., but
Stanley is da bomb!!!).  I recently drove to
Midlothian VA to pick up the latest addition to
the family, another '93 NX.  WOOHOOO!!!!  So here
I am.

Glad to see that a couple of *old* familiar folks
are still on the list.....  ;-p

'93NX (back where it belongs)
'01 Quest
and yes, a '90 "archaic z24" (aluminum heads

RE:   Non-SE-R: GM OHV engines

I  remember the old Z24 Cavaliers with 3.1L V6 had
> 120 whoppn HP. Thats like less than 60HP per
liter, cars felt fast off the
> line but didn't have much afterwards. Cast iron
blocks, heads, etc is acient
> technology.