Ok some se-r content, update on the next big thing, further SR20DE NA Development

mike kojima choaderboy2@yahoo.com
Thu, 17 Oct 2002 22:44:19 -0500

Well maybe it will make more but I am one to quote
what I am sure it will make rather that say b=ig
impressive numbers.

His engine costs nearly as much as mine and is pretty
much identical to his except for the crank.  I mean
same valve train, sort of the same headwork, same
intake manifold, a custom header I mean the only real
difference is that my motor will have a different
crank.  Plus Dr Dre's compression is high, too high
for california gas. Dre's motor is actualy pretty
expensive if you figure stuff that he did that most
people would have to buy, like the headwork, custom
header, etc.

And how the heck do you know how much the production
version of my motor is going to cost.  I might end up
being pretty cheap depending on if I can convince a
certan crank company to make more of them.

Another thing, my motor is going to have mad torque
and a very wide powerband, way more than a VE or
Andri's motor, a significant amount more torque and I
am just about sure it will make more than 210 hp as

Another thing is that have you priced a VE or even
tried to get one?  Andri is trying to get me one, JGY
is trying to get me one and all of my conncetions on
the west coast have been trying to get me one for

Plus you can't put N1 cams in a VE head, the valve
stem length is wrong.  Plus no one has actualy made
200 wheel hp with a VE yet, not to say 210.

Later I will proably experiment with a VVL head if
there is a big enough market for cam development on
those motors.

Don't try to armchair me Jez, I'll kick your ass:-)


--- Mike Jez <93SER@attbi.com> wrote:
> 210 WHP ? hmm Andreas Miko aka DR DRE gots 200WHP
> with no stroker cranks out
> of his 94 SE-R... his engine cost less than probably
> the crank to stroke the
> engine out to 2.4L cost !