Coilover (GC or whatever) hardware question.

Chris Pronios
Wed, 16 Oct 2002 06:02:10 -0500


it's much harder to get a Monroe set down here than the Koni kit. And since
I will need to get the Koni upper seat anyway I might as well get the whole
package from them.

In any case, I have tried to find info regarding the Monroe set on the web
but to no avail. Do you know if this info is available anywhere ? (I exclude
the secret documents you use to cite the existense and part# in your message

Going back to Koni, I checked their pdf catalog and found a strange
"missing" upper seat.
They list a whole bunch of parts for the 42mm set plus 2 complete sets:

80.0000.1 with a 25mm upper spring perch (perch part # 80.0000.0007)
80.0000.2 with a 40mm upper spring perch (perch part # 80.0000.0008)

However for 50mm they only list the Treaded Sleeve and the Lower Spring
Perch. Can you shed some light in this?

Do they have a 50mm Upper Spring Perch?
Do I use the same from the 42mm kit (not very likely)?
And if the answer to last question above is YES, what would you suggest, the
40mm or the 25mm?

1992 Sunny 2.0GTi

> Monroe (a US damper company) also offers a set of coilover sleeves that
> 2 1/16" ID as well.  If GC won't sell you theirs, I'm sure you can get the
> Monroe kit.  You won't be able to use the upper spring seat, but you could
> certainly use the Koni (available separately from the kit through
> Koni).  The part number is AK-36.

> Let me know if you cannot get the sleeves you need.