High-beam toggle

Nicholas Hadiaris nhadiaris@mac.com
Sun, 14 Jul 2002 17:40:18 -0500

Okay here's an annoying problem I could use some help with.  I just found
out yesterday when I tried to switch on my high-beams, that the toggle lever
doesn't work.  I pulled the light stalk on the left side of my steering
column, the high-beams came on.  Then I let go of the stalk, and it went
right back to where it was before with the high-beams off.  Didn't hear that
little click of the toggle catching or anything.

I almost never use my high-beams, but since I do live in Maine it might be
handy for avoiding running into a moose, deer, or some other mammal that
could total my poor little classic.  (Did I mention it doesn't have an

I couldn't find mention of this problem anywhere in the archives or on
se-r.net.  It seems to be a pretty rare problem but if anyone else would
know how to fix this, and what part numbers I'd need to do the job, I'd be
really grateful.  I'd rather do it myself than give hard earned money to the
$tealer.  The car is a 91 classic, stock.

Nick Hadiaris
91 SE-R slowly becoming mint