2 dumb questions

Brian Cembor bcembor@fastenal.com
Mon, 8 Jul 2002 13:13:09 -0500

Here are some really dumb questions... so...
1.	would hitting a rolling hub cap at say 35-45mph mess up my
alignment? I hit one last week on the way to my folks house... came right
off the car in the opposite lane and couldn't avoid running it over. OR
could a hard day of autoxing foul up the alignment?
2.	How long can I wait before changing the front motor mount (passenger
side wheel well) and still autox? It is rattling a lot when the car is cold,
but once it warms up/ran a while it is not as bad.
I would appreciate any advice/flames/criticism.
Brian M. Cembor
'92 SE-R