Bad Clutch

Matt MA
Mon, 8 Jul 2002 13:27:43 -0500

>>> "Matthew Kogan" <> 07/06/02 08:32PM >>>
>This is supposedly the "STOCK" replacement disc that Courtesy Sells for $65
>or so. As you can see the Disc itself is in good shape and was not Abused,
>but all the Rivets that hold the Center of the Clutch to the Disc material
>Sheered right off.

Is this an OEM Nissan part? Or is it an aftermarket OEM equivalent? Can you
see the manufacturer name stamped on the friction disc anywhere? I had an
OEM Nissan friction disc (made by Exedy) explode on me recently - the springs
had popped out.

matt ma . 92 SE-R