Vague on-center steering feel - Kumho Ecsta 712

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Wed, 1 May 2002 16:02:47 -0500

"sean mcmahon" <> wrote:

  > I havent had any random wandering problems like that. I would GUESS
  > that the kumhos dont like to run 2.5 negative degrees...

Thanks for the reply Sean. You may be right about the camber, particularly with
the tread design on the 712s. However, my friend's Volvo exhibits the same
problem and he's running stock alignments.

  > If you want to run really far out like that then try 2 degrees or
  > less.

I suppose I could do that, and re-align for each track event, but that's a
pretty expensive endeavour.

  > How were your pirelli's worn when you took them off?

Thin - they had 60k - but not too unevenly. There was a little more wear (maybe
1mm or so, maybe) off the inside of the front tire, but not what you might worry
about. High camber settings do affect wear, but it's not as dramatic an effect
as toe.

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