dyno on new SE-R

Mike Jez 93SER@attbi.com
Fri, 8 Mar 2002 14:50:11 -0600

SCC is consistantly testing cars slower than every magazine out there. They
got a 7 second time for a 3.5SE Altima where it hit 5.9 on Motor Week. I
find it hard to belive SVT is slower than the SE-R, could be just the
gearing- that SCC said was too tall. Shit I take the Hyundai over the SE-R
atleast it performs good and looks good. I've driven both. Just wait for the
WRC Accent ;)
Mike Jez
01 Max enough power to smoke tires in 2nd from a roll on
93 SE-R soon enough power to break all gears ;)