93 a/c issue

Jay P dbax_fan at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 19 19:11:14 UTC 2022

Just recently got my '93 SE-R out of storage and back on the road after several years. Did a ton of maintenance stuff, new tires etc and also replaced the dead A/C compressor and recharged the system. It works great for the first few minutes after I leave the garage but then the car just gets warmer and warmer. When the compressor kicks on it starts cooling really well but it only runs for about 7 seconds and then shuts off for about a minute, then runs another 7 seconds and stops, over and over. So it never runs long enough to make a difference.
I've looked online but get conflicting info - it's overcharged, it's undercharged, the compressor clutch is bad, etc....I'm not sure what to believe.
I also keep getting a gas smell in my garage, the SE-R is the only car in there, nothing else that could make the smell.  The Nissan dealer pressure tested the system and said there are no leaks.  I don't know why it keeps happening.
Any advice is appreciated!

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