Enter this contest to win my turbo SE-R!

Ben Fenner fenfam at sc.rr.com
Sat Mar 30 11:31:31 EDT 2019

Not trying to spam the list. Just wanted to provide all of the info 
without needing to follow a link. This is the last time I'll advertise this.

*TL;DR:* ~300 WHP @ ~10 psi T28 turbo setup. AEM Series 1 engine 
management. Panasport + RoadMagnet + KYB AGX + urethane everywhere. 11" 
Fastbrakes up front with Maxima rears.
I'm offering it to the winner of this trivia contest.

*Main details:*
$75.00 entry fee.
Maximum of 100 participants accepted. Contest may proceed with fewer 
entries at my discretion.
At least one week to research and answer each trivia question via e-mail.

*How to enter:*
Get $75.00 to me somehow.
Paypal transfers might be easiest, but I will sign up for other 
/private/ payment services (no Venmo, no Google Wallet, etc.) if you'd 
prefer to pay with Dwolla, or something like that.
If you're with Bank of America and want to send money directly that way, 
no problem.
If you want to send a check or money order, I could try to make that 
work too.
Regardless of payment type, e-mail me for the details and we can work 
something out.

Give me your contact name (real name, or forum username, or some type of 
identifier) and contact e-mail address when submitting payment.

*How you can expect each round to run:*
I will send an e-mail to you containing the round's question (and the 
You will e-mail back with your answer before the deadline (at least one 
week out).
You're allowed to research as much as you'd like, and ask around to get 
the answer. You just can't ask for my help.
If you've already e-mailed an answer but would like to change your 
answer, just e-mail the new answer before the deadline. (You may submit 
as many answers as you'd like before the deadline, but your last e-mail 
before the deadline will be the only answer considered.)
After the deadline, I will e-mail everyone with the correct answer(s) 
and whether or not you are continuing on to the next round.
I will then post the question, correct answer(s), and all submitted 
answers to the forum thread for transparency.
I will then send an e-mail with the next question to the remaining 
contestants, and the process will repeat until there is one winner.
(If after seeing the correct answer, you believe your response was 
incorrectly rejected, then you have the duration of the next round to 
make your case. While this happens, you will also conditionally 
participate in the new round.)

*Example trivia questions:*
In an automotive context, what does "FWD" stand for?
How many fingers does a typical Simpson's cartoon character have?
Which is typically faster, the speed of sound, or the speed of light?

Fine print:
Your contact information (e-mail address) will remain private during the 
contest, and will be deleted entirely afterward.
To keep the contest fair for everyone, none of my immediate family 
members are allowed to enter.
To keep the contest fair for everyone, anonymous entries are not 
allowed, but pseudo-anonymous (username only, etc.) are allowed.
To keep the contest fair for everyone, only one entry per person is allowed.
To keep the contest fair for everyone, no additional money will ever be 
required (or asked for) to continue with the contest.
To eliminate speed as a factor as much as possible, each round will last 
at least one week, as speed is not supposed to be part of the contest.
To eliminate speed as a factor as much as possible, there is no limit to 
how many answers you can submit before the deadline, but only the last 
answer will count. This is to allow for updating your answer as late as 
you'd like.
I'm estimating it will take 6-8 rounds for the contest to complete, but 
it will run until there is a winner, which may take a lot longer.
If for some unforeseen reason this contest can not complete, all entry 
fees will be refunded (minus any 3rd party transaction fees out of my 
Some trivia questions may have multiple acceptable answers, and you're 
allowed to argue your case if I don't immediately recognize your answer 
as correct. However, I reserve final judgement.
If no one answers a round's question correctly by the deadline, a new 
question may be asked, or additional hints may be given for the original 
The winner is responsible for transportation of the prize vehicle. I am 
willing to drive it ~350 miles from Columbia, SC to help with delivery. 
We'll work something out.

-Ben Fenner
1994 Turbo SE-R
2000 M-Coupe
2008 E91 Unicorn
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