Yokohama to re-release the Advan HF-D

David Pertuz d.pertuz at
Tue Nov 7 17:21:46 EST 2017

I would love to be in 15" wheel land, honestly. But last year, when the car
needed new shoes right now, Josh Palmer had a set that I couldn't get to
soon enough, and I had three sets of OE wheels in the garage, so 14" it
still is :/ And my Fiat has the same size. The SE-R does look so good with
B14 wheels, though.


On Tue, Nov 7, 2017 at 4:10 PM, Kieran Lavin <kieran at> wrote:

> You may just be the only person still in the 14" wheel land.  Almost
> everyone else has crossed the magical rainbow to the B14 wheel land or some
> other non-14" wheel variant
> *kieran*
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> Subject: Yokohama to re-release the Advan HF-D
> I just saw this:
> ...and thought it would be of interest to us since many of us are still
> living in 14"-wheel land. (Though I thought this was called the A-008?!) If
> they had been available and reasonably priced last year I would have bought
> a set for my car.
> David
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