VE burning oil like mad

Matt McCrary mattmccrary at
Wed Oct 25 15:25:29 EDT 2017

Good afternoon folks.
I replaced the DE in my 1991 SE-R a few years ago with a VE and N1 cams. I
followed MotoIQs write-up on the ultimate 3" exhaust using Vibrant mufflers
and resonators. it sounds great! the new motor soon developed an oil leak
on the timing chain cover. A local SE-R enthusiast and Master Toyota
Mechanic removed the head, both oil pans and the timing chain cover and
redid all of the seals and gaskets.

no more oil leaks. we also fixed power steering leaks and now my car leaves
no stains.

The issue is; now I burn large amounts of oil, especially at WOT. I've
tried deleting the vacuum line from the PCV to the intake manifold..
thinking maybe I needed a catch can. that didn't stop anything. put it
back.. next we tried a compression test, still seeing great numbers (230ish
on all 4 cylinders). I guess the oil rings could be stuck and not the
compression rings. but that seems unlikely. The great amounts of smoke
started as soon as he got the motor put back together. is there anything we
did that could have gone wrong that would cause this?
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