sunroof drains & door hinge panels

David Pertuz d.pertuz at
Wed Nov 30 17:24:04 EST 2016

Work continues on the smaller things on my SE-R. Now runs and drives almost
perfectly again, making sure I have at least one good set of tires (my snow
tires are good, and have enough tread to get me through this winter), and
going on to the other smaller things that were left over from ca.

one of these is the lower driver's door hinge, whose pin is worn out in the
typical fashion, requiring me to lift the door shut. I need to take the
fender off to replace this, I think, and it looks like I have reason enough
to do it anyway, as there is some rust on the hinge panel on the cowl. It
is a bit too high up to have ever been from accumulated leaves in the
bottom of the fender, which in any event had been cleared out years and
years ago. I suspect it may be a result of a blocked sunroof drain. There
is some water staining on the headliner around the sunroof opening, too.
Where exactly do the drains empty to? I can't find their lower ends.

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