One other thing: low power after the long dormancy

David Pertuz d.pertuz at
Sun Apr 3 23:34:49 EDT 2016

Mind you, I've only driven the car about five miles right now.

It is obviously low on power - I was briefly on the freeway and I got up to
about 45, but the car was not running well. Felt like it had about 50%
power. Starts up normally, idles fine (smothly), though it is really rough
(there is a lot of shake, by the look of the shifter. Exhaust, aside from
obviously being very loud since it's open, is unusually percussive. I'd say
it feels like it's running on three cylinders, so maybe I will check the
spark when I get it back. It's got old gas in it, but I did put a couple of
gallons of fresh gas in it before starting it up. Is there anything obvious
I'm not thinking of that might have caused this? Car ran perfectly (well,
except for the ticking bearings) when I took it off the road years ago.

I'll drive it back home this week if they finish it before I leave for a
trip on Wednesday, but I won't have time to diagnose this until at least
next week.

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