It lives!!

David Pertuz d.pertuz at
Sun Apr 3 11:38:59 EDT 2016

I drove my SE-R yesterday for the first time since 2008. I am so happy! :)

Granted, I only drove it around the neighborhood a bit to check it out.
Today I am dropping it at a shop I use to have them remove the vandalized
exhaust B-pipe (despite my best efforts, I rounded off one of the bolts on
the flange at the rear wheel) and replace it with the unit that I got from
Josh Palmer. And fix the broken crossmember bolt too, if they can.

I did not realize that I was missing an exhaust hanger until I started
replacing exhaust components last weekend - I am missing the hanger that
supports the header secondary at the front flange of the cat. This was
taken when my cat was stolen years ago Do any of you have one of these
lying around? I have asked Greg Vogel if he has one, but I don't know if
it's an available part, and maybe one of y'all have one.

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