Probably need to sell my SE-R

George Roffe geo31 at
Mon Jul 27 07:33:10 EDT 2015

Oh, I don't know.  There have been 2 classics on Bring a Trailer and 
both sold quickly, and the last one, while looking nice in pics, had 
some serious issues.  I think the thing that will make it hardest to 
sell is the flaking clearcoat.


On 7/27/2015 5:53 AM, Kieran Lavin wrote:
> Not for me but this past weekend I spent the weekend with NASA 
> Northeast at the track and drove a car I bought off Ray Kawski that 
> has 396,800 miles on it and someone wanted to buy it.  I told him not 
> a chance and he asked if I knew of anyone selling.... I don't know the 
> guy well but I could try to track down his e-mail address and put you 
> in touch with him.  I've bought and sold 2-3 cars online and had mixed 
> experiences. All through ebay and the mixed experiences some were 
> related to the cars and some were related to the person 
> selling/buying.  I think if you went out online selling the car at 
> this point, anyone looking at it is going to see a 22 year old 
> Sentra.  Just that... a Sentra.  Not an SE-R.  It will look like a 
> pretty decent beater car for anyone.  The appreciation and the 
> repurchase market for our cars is long gone unfortunately.  Here on 
> this list or on one of the forums would probably be your best bet.  In 
> terms of price, I know if you could use the cash, you'll probably want 
> more than people with the appreciation or not will be willing to pay.  
> I wouldn't expect to see anyone willing to spend more than $1,500 or 
> maybe even offer you $1,000 for it.
> I'll see if I can get my hands on that kids e-mail address.
> kieran
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> Ok, so my current situation looks like selling my '93 SE-R is going to 
> need to happen.
> I'm wondering what I should ask for it and if anyone has had good 
> experiences selling online?
> Suggestions for where to try selling and what a good asking price 
> might be?
> Car info:
> One owner, bought new, always lived in the Phoenix, AZ area - never 
> been in snow/salt.
> 149,000 miles
> Front and rear STB
> KYB GR2 struts
> ACT Street clutch
> JWT POP charger intake
> Energy Suspension engine mount inserts (in box, not installed)
> Original 14" wheels and B14 five-spoke 15" wheels
> Goodrich stainless steel braided brake lines
> Momo shift knob
> Power locks with alarm system
> Cruise Control works fine
> No stereo unit but has Pioneer 3-way speakers in front and 2-way 
> speakers in rear
> 5th gear popout has caused me to store the car in my garage for the 
> past 2.5 years (our local emissions test requires driving the car on a 
> dyno, must work in all 5 gears - so if they can't drive it to test it 
> I can't register it)
> Ruby Pearl paint is in very good condition except for the roof and 
> some spots on the hood & bumpers.
> The car ran great before I had to store it, 5th gear and possibly 
> needing a new A/C compressor are the two issues it had.
> One small accident - very minor damage to front-passenger corner in 1996
> It makes me sad to get rid of her but my current situation means that 
> I could really use the money for the car plus I don't know when I'll 
> ever have the time/money/space to work on it and get it all running again.
> Photo attached but I think they don't always come through on the list...
> Thanks for any help guys...
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