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Personally VIR was a disappointment.   From all the hype I was expecting a track on part with Watkins Glen and it wasn't even close.   I know many others love the track though so,  to each his own.

NASA Mid Atlantic was also downright dangerous.   Hot pulls created dangerous situations during DE and race.   I was in an accident and the workers told me to get out of the car with cars going by not REALLY slowing down, not far from the track,  and in the rain.   During  race it created a situation where a racer hit an EV trying to make a pass!   And when I told all of the NASA officials about the accident I was in to see if maybe a report had to be filled out,  no one really seemed to care or pay much attention.   Luckily my second student was headed home anyway so I didn't have to turn around and get into another car because I was sore.   Not the NASA I know from Socal or Northeast.


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> Just as obviously, I am first going straight to the NC mountains - e.g. US
> 28, Tail, Cherohala. I will probably end up in Knoxville from here though
> if I gave myself the time I could go NE up to Virginia and then west
> through WV and OH.

Well, if you want to get that far east, there is a NASA event at VIR that weekend.  It’s a beautiful track, maybe worth dropping by on your way through.

In the eastern part of WV there are lots of nice roads, like US 33, US 219, US 250.  US33 in particular has a pretty incredible pass right at the WV/VA border, but when I came through on the bike this summer it was a little scary with high winds and rain.  US33 west from Franklin through Judy Gap is also a nice section of road. US19 north out of Princeton, WV is a beautiful road too, from what I remember.


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