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I misread my schedule, unfortunately I'm working 8a-4p on Saturday and
Sunday.  :(  Anyway here is the route from the Dragon area to Boone.  Check
it out on google maps.

28 to either 19 or 74 (either will get you to 209)
212 into 352
Hunting Dale Rd
Fork Mountain Rd
261 into 143

Try to hit the Come Back Shack in Boone, the burgers are great!

Once you are ready yo head North from Boone you have the option of either
the Snake (us 421)  into TN http://www.421thesnake.com/ or the Back of the
Dragon (19) in VA http://backofthedragon.com/.  Both are excellent.


On Sun, Jul 12, 2015 at 11:24 AM, David Pertuz <d.pertuz at gmail.com> wrote:

> Matt,
> In/out of my way is a flexible idea, though generally anything west of
> Asheville is probably not out of my way. I used to drive up there
> regularly, and still remember the roads I did drive, but I haven't lived in
> Georgia since the late 90s so I am not up there often now. If I decide that
> I have the time and interest to drive to Virginia and then west from there,
> I'd love some suggestions for VA. I will be around that way next Sunday or
> so.
> David
> On Sunday, July 12, 2015, Matthew Ostlund <sr20ve at gmail.com> wrote:
>> David I know some great roads around Tennessee and North Carolina.  I've
>> gotten involved with Miatas and that is their natural habitat.   We've had
>> so much fun driving in the mountains over the last few years that I moved
>> down here last month.
>> How far out of your way is Boone?  It's another big hot spot for great
>> roads.  I also have a fun route towards Boone from the smokies that takes
>> you over Roan mountain.  Also in Southern Virginia old 16 i.e. the back of
>> the Dragon is killer.
>> Let me know if you want more info.  I'm off on Friday but I work evening
>> shift at the hospital Saturday and Sunday.  I might still be able to meet
>> up with you for some driving if it's not too far from my house.
>> Matt
>> On Jul 11, 2015 10:48 PM, "David Pertuz" <d.pertuz at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Not technically SE-R, but you could drive any of these in your SE-R, no?
>>> So I done bought myself a Por-sha. Yay! I am flying to Atlanta next
>>> weekend to pick it up, visit my family and a friend or two, then drive it
>>> home to Chicago. I am giving myself 2 days, maybe 3 if I come up with a
>>> worthwhile route that would require it. I am, not surprisingly, interested
>>> in fun and discovery rather than efficiency and am soliciting y'all's
>>> suggestions for roads, and maybe sights, too.
>>> Standard route is I-75 to Chattanooga, I-24 to Nashville, I-65 to Gary
>>> then the tollway to Chicago. Obviously I am not doing that, at least until
>>> I get to northern IN.
>>> Just as obviously, I am first going straight to the NC mountains - e.g.
>>> US 28, Tail, Cherohala. I will probably end up in Knoxville from here
>>> though if I gave myself the time I could go NE up to Virginia and then west
>>> through WV and OH. Otherwise I will go west through TN and then north
>>> through KY and IN somehow.
>>> Other than the NC part, which I'm familiar with, I'm looking for
>>> suggestions for nice drives in, say, eastern->central TN, western KY,
>>> southern IN. Maybe VA and WV and SE OH too in case I go that way.
>>> David
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