B-13 Suspension Swap-a-roo

Erik Halvorson hammer_down at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 7 16:28:33 EST 2014

So, I spent last Sunday  swapping around suspensions (after spending all Saturday getting my shop to a condition where I could work in it, let alone get another car in https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152825504683970&set=pb.624478969.-2207520000.1415395447.&type=3&theater).  I took my son's stock SE-R suspension off (still serviceable) and installed a B&G coil-over setup that we inherited from Aaron Prothero.  I then took my daughter's NX2k's AGXs and eibach pro kits off (came with the car) and installed the stock suspension on her car (figuring the spoiler might last longer at stock height).  I must be out of shape or old, because I was exhausted by the end of the day.  

The pro-kits will go ebay or scrap heap, while the AGXs will be mated with a set of road-magnets I found on craigslist and will be installed on my Dad's turbo SE-R.  :^)

So, I drove the B&G equiped car around that evening and HATED it!  It was bouncier than hell.  Sucked!  I parked it and walked away for the night.  So I drove it on my commute the next day and holy cow, what a difference.  It was fantastic!  Not bouncey at all.  Firm and controlled in all my tom-foolery driving habits I perform in the HCR32 and even with the stock sized all season tires, it was planted to the pavement.  I am now thinking that the initial bounciness was possibly due to them being stored on their sides for YEARS in Aaron's garage and then in my garage, and it took some time in an upright position to let the air/gas to move to the appropriate side of the piston/valve.  Maybe?  Thoughts?  Anyway, I like it a lot now.  Wonder why they no longer offer it unless they just didn't sell for the aging chassis.

Have a good weekend.
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