what is everyone driving now?

Frank Ewald frank_ewald at sympatico.ca
Mon Sep 1 07:46:23 EDT 2014

Life has gotten complicated recently so I haven't been checking the  
list, but wow, lot's of traffic. Time to do some reading.

My wife's car is a 2007 Nissan Altima S with CVT transmission. Owned  
since new and it's a reliable car that seems to be a magnet in parking  
lots. Constantly getting hit. Front bumper cover has been replaced  
twice and needs repainting again. And it's not her fault, the last  
time a taxi - driven by a friend of the taxi's official driver -  
backed up three car lengths and hit her. Sigh.

For my daily driver I have a 2004 Mazda RX8 that I bought three years  
ago with 27000 kilometres on it - that's under 20000 miles. It's  
pristine and using it as a winter car is probably not the most  
sensible, but drifting around snowy corners sure is fun. My daughter  
was going to need a car and she wanted something sporty with room for  
four, so my intent was to drive this for a couple of years and then  
pass it her way. As she's a better driver (faster and more intuitive)  
than me, I figured it would be okay. After driving it in the snow she  
realized it wasn't the car for her. She moved to Australia so I could  
have sold it but I still like it.

I have a 2000 Ford E450 Triple E RV for hauling cars around and  
camping. Often at the track. It's the only thing that gets worse  
mileage than the RX8!

My 92 NX1600 still has a place of honour in my driveway. I'm the  
original owner and don't see it ever leaving. As you probably know,  
the modified GA16 engine was replaced with a 54c SR20DET. And this  
summer it hasn't even left my garage because I blew the turbo seals in  
May and it's been in my garage since. I've replaced the turbo with  
another OEM GTi-R turbo - engine is stock with a boost controller to  
give added excitement. I'm having a Vibrant intercooler built with  
custom end tanks to provide better flow and also better fitment. I'm  
upgrading to a FastBrakes 11.75" BBK. Have just installed the Nismo  
LSD that I bought from Chris into a B15 transmission. Switched from  
the G20 tranny because I'm looking for more pull in fourth and fifth.  
And I'm talking to Special Projects Motorsports about getting some  
aero. If you live near ORANGE, CA I would appreciate if you'd be able  
to take your NX by their shop so they could get some measurements.

And for fun, although I don't own it, I've been racing a 94 Miata in  
ChumpCar events. Mosport, Watkins Glen, and Calabogie were ChumpCar  
events that were highlights for me.

Take care,

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