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Ben Fenner fenfam at sc.rr.com
Sat Oct 26 10:33:09 EDT 2013

You didn't rule out the P cars, so I'm suggesting a Boxster S. =P

Seriously, you're not the only one who wants something between the 
Miata/MR2 and a typical RWD sedan. There just aren't really many options 
out there and really none if you rule out the Germans.

I say you re-think the BMW idea. The M Z3 Roadsters are basically at the 
bottom of the market now. They are fast and comfortable. And if you like 
the top-down feel of the Miata they have that too. They really aren't 
expensive to maintain if you do your own repair work.
Here are all the listings in the US: 

And here is the place to look for info: 

I daily the the Z3 M Coupe and love it. It is a bit on the heavy side, 
but holy crap does the power make up for it.

-Ben Fenner
1994 Black SE-R (Turbo)
2000 M-Coupe

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