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Ben Fenner fenfam at
Sun Sep 15 09:46:24 EDT 2013

I'm reading backwards through the list stuff that I haven't read and I 
got here.

A LOT of us on the SR20-Forum noticed the site went down almost 
immediately when it happened. There are plenty of folks who still use 
it. We still want it up. I guess we just didn't know who to complain to, 
and we figured it was a long time coming and assumed it was a hosting 
cost/time issue.

The use of the site does seem to be historic. I didn't even know it was 
dynamic, and I think that part of it probably doesn't need to stick 
around (since the forum seems to cover that role) but the old info is 
very useful and I know I speak for others when I say we'd still like to 
have it available.

-Ben Fenner

On 9/3/2013 8:24 PM, Lawrence Weeks wrote:
> Hi,
> So in the recent migration, I fixed to be live again.
> However, Mike Mager apparently started getting emails about it again,
> and I poked around and found lots of email addresses and such there.
> So I've changed it to the "maintenance" page for now.
> I'm wondering what to do with that site and domain. Do you guys think
> there is value in leaving it up? Nobody seems to have noticed it was
> offline for perhaps a year. :-) I'd thought there may be valuable data
> there still, so wanted to leave it just in case. I could attempt to
> scrub email addresses from the pages and put it back up if there is
> interest.
> Is there anybody left who would perhaps have a use for,
> beyond just hosting the ancient content there now?
> Larry
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