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We would be completely down to post all the old content on MotoIQ, but how do we go about it?  I'm specifically talking about layout.  Any suggestions?

Again, we (MotoIQ) are all for this.  

Martin G
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>> I'm wondering what to do with that site and domain. Do you guys think there is value in leaving it up? Nobody seems to have noticed it was offline for perhaps a year. :-) I'd thought there may be valuable data there still, so wanted to leave it just in case. I could attempt to scrub email addresses from the pages and put it back up if there is interest.
>I did notice, but couldn't remember who was hosting it to complain to.  Yeah, I'm late to this thread, didn't feel like posting from my iPhone, had to wait until I was in front of my old desktop.  LOL
>Still have a '91 SE-R in the garage, and when I manage to reclaim my spare engine from Houston, I'm hoping to get it up and running again.
>The info that was on the old site was far more useful and well written that most of the stuff on any of the forums, it's all signal, and almost no noise.  Forums are completely reversed, finding accurate info there is almost impossible.
>If any help is needed scrubbing the data, let me know Larry, I can probably spare some cycles to help out.
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