Rotors, good/bad brands

Kieran A. Lavin kieran at
Mon Mar 11 22:38:50 CDT 2013

Wayne, you wrote:

> I've ordered parts from RockAuto a few times and never had any trouble with them; sorry to hear you 
> experienced otherwise, KL. They have a wide selection and offer body parts and other stuff you don't usually find > at retail parts places.

I had ordered plenty from Rock Auto prior to that bad experience.  I've put it out of my memory but remember that I ordered online and it was NX rotors and my car is a B14.  I made sure to triple check the part numbers and dimensions before ordering.  What they went was (your Mom's BMW story reminded me) rear rotors.  Called and explained to them the situation that I was 2 days away from a track day and asked if they'd expedite since they screwed up.  Only if I wanted to pay for the expedited shipping (about as much as the cost of the rotors themselves).  I settled on missing the event and got the replacement rotors and this time they were mismatched.  Same part numbers on the box, completely wrong rotors inside.  I called and expressed my dissatisfaction and complained and bitched out several different people and wound up with rotors that looked like they belonged on a vette or something.  The rotors were practically bigger than my wheels!  Finally I called and got someone on the phone and gave them the part numbers I wanted and stayed on the phone while they measured all dimensions as I spat them out to them.  They STILL came and were WRONG!  In the meantime another 2-3 weeks had gone by and I had missed ANOTHER track day.  Called Tire Rack, got a BETTER price, and got them in 2 days without even paying for expedited shipping.  I'd rather take my chances at a junkyard than to try Rock Auto again

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