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If you are able to keep it, keep it. I'm glad I kept mine.

When they were born, I picked up my two youngest sons from the hospital in that car. Now my middle son wants the car.

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I too am pleased to see all the activity on the list.
Good timing as I'm in a quandary with my Classic...hold onto it to someday fix 5th gear or sell it...??
5th gear popout has made it a pain to drive too often, it's hard to drive everywhere in 4th gear with today's gas prices...and I don't have the extra money (or the time and space to do it myself) right now to rebuild the tranny.
It's a '93 with 121K on the clock that I bought new with 29 miles on it.  The roof paint is mostly gone, some paint loss on the right rear shoulder and a little bit on the hood/bumpers but it still looks good.   It runs great except for the popout issue, she still pulls hard, A/C works pretty well, nice stereo, drivers seat is pretty worn but the rest of the interior has held up well.  I did some small mods years ago (back in the days when we got list digests 5 times a day)...including intake, ss brake lines, strut tower bars front & back, it has relatively new BFG G Force Sport tires on B14 5-spoke rims.

I still love it and always enjoy driving it - I call it my therapy chamber.  I just don't know if I'm being stupid to hold onto it when I can't fix it anytime soon...should I sell it?  And if so, what's a fair asking price for a car in good condition except for 5th gear popout?  I just don't know...I'm afraid to get rid of it after watching my buddy sell his S14 and then regret it horribly.
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