91 NX2000 low miles - worth picking up?

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Its more like 3900 RPM Wayne.  Ironically the RSX is about the same  RPM at 
that speed in 6th!  And the RSX gets almost identical fuel mileage  as well 
(despite weighing about 300 more pounds and having 61 more  horsepower!).
Parts for the B13 are still readily available for the 4 door, since its  
STILL manufactured in Mexico as the Tsuru.  Well at least basic  parts.  
That's a very basic car there now, kinda like the XE model was  here.  2 door 
specific parts are very difficult to find.
Whats cool about the RSX is its basically a Civic underneath.  I have  an 
06 and have yet to have a single issue with it.  I cannot say that for  my 
SE-R when it was new.  I dont think the RSX is any more gutless at low  RPM 
than the SE-R is, but once the VTEC kicks in, it screams right up to the  8300 
RPM fuel cutoff!
If you read that article, it talks about the noise factor in the RSX.   
Honda's in general seem to not be the greatest with noise, but the 05-06 RSX 
did  get some more sound insulation and were  a little quieter.  I also  just 
replaced the tires on mine with the new Goodyear Eagle F1 Assymetric 2's,  
which are considerably quieter than the original Michelins and BFG GForce 
Sports  I had, not to mention have a lot more grip.
The only downside to the RSX is they hold their value very well.  Used  
Type S's are still in the mid teens.
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On  3/13/2012 1:01 PM, jaretr1 at aol.com wrote:
> I always wished I had that  one extra gear on my SE-R to get the rpms
> down for highway driving.  Then again I also wish my rsx had one more
> gear for the same  reason.

Always annoyed by the 5th gear in the B13; was screaming at  > 3300 rpm 
at 80 mph.  I thought about swapping in the 5th from a  G20 but IIRC the 
input shaft gears were one piece and could not be mixed  & matched.

Being a 20 year old econo box, Nissan seems to have  almost discontinued 
replacement parts for B13s.  The RSX-S is so  freakin' similar in so many 
ways, it's well worth your consideration if  you're looking for "that 
feel".  I liked mine better than the 3 E36  M3s I've driven, but then I 
only had limited seat time in them, vs a daily  driver.

This is a cool article, though I'd definitely go for 2005 or  2006 than 
the earlier  ones:


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