Noise turning right

Jim Wright wrightj at
Mon Mar 12 14:12:32 CDT 2012

Hey all.  I've confirmed that the noise is from a shot wheel bearing on that side.  I ended up having to take it to a shop to get checked out, rains here the last few days had my driveway flooded and I didn't feel like getting dressed up in scuba gear to check it out.  ;)

The noise has since gotten worse, now having a grinding sound at wheel speed under deceleration, the wheel had a lot of play in it once it was up in the air.  I really wish it had been the CV, much cheaper and work I could easily do myself.  Oh well…


On Mar 6, 2012, at 7:40 AM, Jim Wright wrote:

> Yesterday I had a new noise, wanted to hit the list for some ideas.  I was taking a fairly sharp right hand turn at about 45MPH, at the sharpest point in the turn I heard a roaring noise coming from what seemed to be the right side front.  I tried again on a similar turn at slower speed, nothing, no problems straight line, managed to hear it briefly on another right at similar speed.
> Since this is only turning and not straight line, I think the bearings are OK, and this may be CV joint?  It might be a day or so before I can get under the car with a light, anyone have any other thoughts?  Model is '06 Sentra SE-R Spec V.

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