DET Value?

George Roffe geo31 at
Mon Nov 28 23:02:59 CST 2011

Hey folks....

I've still got the DET from my G20 sitting in my garage and need to get 
rid of it.  I have no idea what they are worth these days.

Can y'all give me an idea what this thing is worth now?


I probably put between 20-30k miles on it after the install

Bluebird DET with T25
Good turbo
Swain Coatings on the manifold, turbine housing, J-pipe
Extrude Honed manifold, turbine housing, J-pipe
New at the time water pump (who knows now?)
UR underdrive pulleys (2 pulley set)
Aluminum low mass flywheel
Nearly new clutch plate
New bearings at the time, but probably ought to be replaced before install
Low port engine harness available
HKS Swain coated Intercooler
Ghetto but functional downpipe
IC piping for a G20

So, waddaya think it's worth?

Anyone here interested?  If not, it will go up on the forum soon.  I'm 
willing to seriously deal, but if I have to give it away I'll put NA 
pistons in and use it in our LeMons car and part out the turbo stuff.


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