1991 Value

George Roffe geo31 at suddenlink.net
Fri Aug 5 12:48:07 CDT 2011

Where are you at?
It sounds like a candidate for LeMons ($500 limit). Our team might be interested as a back-up to our current car..
George Roffe

---- "Eric A. Cobb" <eacobb at control-alt-delete.com> wrote:

It needs some work. Here is a breakdown:

To Make Drivable = New tires, replace front left CV boot. (it's actually
drivable, but I don't want to take chances with the boot being torn.)

To Make Pretty = Replace windshield (cracked), replace dash (cracked),
replace paint.

To Make Better = Replace clutch, fix broken exhaust connection at cat (it
sounds extra tough with it loose right there)

Probably Should Do = Replace water pump (just because it's old), replace

Mods = 17 degree timing, cold-air intake

Options = Sunroof, ABS.

All of this sounds bad, but it's been sitting in my garage for about 1
year. The last time I had it on the road, it ran as it always had. I
just got nervous about the CV boot and we weren't really using it much, so
I parked it. It had been designated as the track car, but the family
budget for something like that isn't in the cards right now.

I'd like to keep it, but, uh, another family member said I should get rid
of it so we can fix a new car in the garage.




> I'm all ears, sir.
> 124,000 miles is very low.

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