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My car was pretty much in the same condition a few years ago.  It had  been 
sitting outside, I had not been driving it much, and I was at the point of  
fix what needed to be fixed (many of the same ailments as yours) or get rid 
of  it.   I decided, I had kept it this long, I could not possibly replace  
it with anything remotely close to the same driving experience (we just 
love  these cars) so I fixed and painted mine.  I fortunately had a friend who 
is  a mechanic, and slowly over the course of 4 months, he rebuilt the drive 
axles,  replaced all the belts and hoses, replaced the clutch, exchanged / 
flushed all  the fluids etc to make it reliable to drive or even autocross 
if I wanted  to.  I then got it painted, replaced the headlights, headliner.  
Mine  is a 91 also with about 125k miles on it.  It still has some issues.  
 The AC doesn't work, it needs a brake overhaul I think, and now the 
drivers door  latch is broken and the door wont open (something I will have to 
address veyr  soon).  I also got new tires last year as the old ones were 
10years old and  so dry rotted the tread was separating.
There wont probably ever be a car quite like the SE-R, boxy but stylish,  
fun to drive, quick for its time, with an engine that's still great even by  
todays standards.  I have decided mine is a keeper for life.
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It needs  some work.  Here is a breakdown:

To Make Drivable = New tires,  replace front left CV boot.  (it's actually
drivable, but I don't want  to take chances with the boot being torn.)

To Make Pretty = Replace  windshield (cracked), replace dash (cracked),
replace paint.

To Make  Better = Replace clutch, fix broken exhaust connection at cat (it
sounds  extra tough with it loose right there)

Probably Should Do = Replace  water pump (just because it's old), replace

Mods = 17 degree  timing, cold-air intake

Options = Sunroof, ABS.

All of this  sounds bad, but it's been sitting in my garage for about 1
year.  The  last time I had it on the road, it ran as it always had.  I
just got  nervous about the CV boot and we weren't really using it much, so
I parked  it.  It had been designated as the track car, but the family
budget  for something like that isn't in the cards right now.

I'd like to keep  it, but, uh, another family member said I should get rid
of it so we can  fix a new car in the  garage.




>  I'm all ears, sir.
> 124,000 miles is very  low.

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