Texas World Speedway, last weekend

Jim Wright wrightj at apple.com
Mon Aug 1 14:43:48 CDT 2011

Back in 1995, I visited Texas World Speedway for the 1st time, and saw an IMSA race there.  Back then, I dreamed of how cool it would be to actually drive my car (a still fairly new '91 SE-R) on that track.  16 years, and another SE-R later, that wish finally came true.

Over the weekend I participated in their Performance Driving school, driving my '06 SE-R Spec V.  I had a blast, it was an extremely educational and fun weekend.  I had a chance to have three different instructors sit in with me and impart great amounts of wisdom as we flew around the 2.9 mile course.

On Sunday I took a few pics, one of which turned out so great I just had to share:


It's not easy to take a picture of yourself driving 100MPH, the average speed I was going at that part of the track…  I had a camera set up with a time delay set to start taking pics just after my next session started, taking pics at 1 second intervals.  Amazingly, on the 2nd lap the above photo was snapped, and it couldn't have been more perfect.

I had much less success with my in car video, the suction mount I had failed to stay attached no matter where I placed it in the car, my last ditch effort to wedge the camera between the two rear seats seemed like it was going to work (camera stayed put the whole time), but it turned itself off about 8 minutes in because the seat vibrated against the power button, and all I got was footage of the instructor and I talking before getting on the track.

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