funky brake weirdness

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Interesting - and worth checking for. 

I had the right-side axle rebuilt with new CV joints in December or so - it just wasn't practically doable for me to R&R them myself and get the quality of new joints that I wanted - and I suspected, when the first odd symptoms appeared, that it may be a result of something that was done incorrectly on that job. Like inadvertent damage to the wheel speed sensor - or, indeed, a slippin ring. Thanks for the suggestion. 


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>> It is as if there is something funny going on with a wheel speed sensor.
>> Felt somewhat like ABS was activating when it shouldn't have. Any of
>> y'all had  something like this happen? I won't have time to diagnose
>> this for a week and a half or so, unfortunately.
>I've never had to deal with ABS problems myself, thankfully.  But I'll 
>share a weird one that may be of use or just make you go "WTF".  Brother 
>in-law's minivan (the Ford/Nissan thing, whatever that was called) 
>developed ABS weirdness on a road trip to our place.  ABS pump kicking 
>in at odd times making dangerously reduced braking.  Turned out the 
>toothed sensor ring on the end of a front CV axle was loose and 
>literally spinning freely around on the thing!  Thus confusing the hell 
>out of the ABS computer.
>Sounds like 1 in a mill, but maybe something to check.

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