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Ray, you wrote:

> Towards the end of the day I brought my student out in my VE powered NX2000 to show him the line and such.   Well half > way thru the session a jackass in a GT3 decides to pass me without a point by IN THE TURN!   Now this didn't really

Part of the blame for that goes to PDA for telling people that the bowl was a passing zone!  No matter how many times I yelled at my students, they continued to pass and allow to BE passed there

> After a few laps the jerk in the GT3 comes around again.  Now they only way he got back to me so fast was that he was
> passing EVERYONE wherever he felt like.   So I wasn't going to let him get around me unless I gave him a point by.  So for 2 > laps I blocked him from passing me in the turns and on the straights.  If he went left I went left.  If he went right I went

So the first time I was there I caught and passed a GT2 in the FX and the first time you're there, you're blocking a guy in a GT3 :P

> It felt good to be able to not only get around the track fast and to keep someone behind me at the same time!
Keeping someone behind you's easy... just act like a drunk guy

> Later in the day Joe DiMinno showed up and the chief instructor wanted Joe to go out with a guy in a 300whp imprezza to

Wow, I didn't know the guy had 300WHP.

> up with him in the straights but would catch him under braking and be on him thru the turns.   So the first lap I did that and > had no problem sticking with him because he was going slow and taking an ok line but not the best line.  I continued to

I saw Ray out there up this guy's ass and just thought the guy in the Imprezza was being a dick not pointing Ray by.  I saw it for 2-3 laps before I stopped paying attention

> say the Joe told the guy he wasn't ready as a 190whp FWD car just passed him and then after I did a Miata passed him as
> well.   Which shouldn't happen with a good driver with 300whp and AWD.
That's downright embarassing... for the Imprezza driver!
> I learned that day that I really need to get a car ready and take a comp school as I'm ready for it.
And you tried to harass me this past weekend but I just ignored you ;)

You can see in the video you almost tried to force it by not going straight off like we always tell students

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