Tips on Changing the water pump

Rob robnsam at
Wed Apr 22 05:58:26 CDT 2009

This isn't going to be easy, and you sure will lose some skin.

You'll only have to take out the Passenger side engine mount

Drain any fluid out of the radioator/engine block.

Loosen off the waterpump bolts BEFORE you remove the alternator belt and
power steering pump belt. Power steering is a bitch to get to as there's a
bolt facing the firewall that removes the tension from the belt (make sure
this is tensioned up properly when you are putting it all back together)

Take off the driver's side wheel and plastic dust covers (you'll see
Remove the pulley wheel of the old waterpump BEFORE you start removing the
(seven) mounting bolts holdig the pump in place. From memory there's four on
top, and 3 underneath.

Jack the drivers' side of the engine up to get the top bolts, then once you
have them, drop it as far as you are able to to get the bottom bolts. Jack
it up once more to remove the water pump.

Clean up the excess and remove any crud that's on the engine block

Install the new pump (make sure the gasket is in place) This was a P.I.T.A.
I also used gasket goo to make doubly sure it wouldn't leak, but that's up
to you.

the rest is a reverse of the above.

When replacing the coolant, make sure that you get all of the air bubbles
out of the cooling system.

Hope this helps you out.


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