FS: NX2000 original wheels (14x6) near Rockville, MD

Steve Barber steveb at twinight.org
Wed Apr 15 13:25:31 CDT 2009

Since there's still a little life left on the list I thought I'd
see if there was any interest.

I still have the original wheels from my '92 NX2000.  They currently
have a very old set of Dunlops mounted that are likely dry rotted
(and kind of sucked to begin with :-) ) - don't use the tires.

They're in average condition with some nicks, scrapes, and some
brake dust etching here and there, but functional and straight as
far as I know/remember (the last time they were on the car was
probably almost 10 years ago but they were fine then).  Center
caps included, although a couple of them are starting to look like
some paint would help.

They've been stacked in the back corner of the garage for years but
I need the space and don't have the car anymore.  (And yes, I
miss it!)  Email me directly for pictures if you're interested.

$80 for a list member, you pick up or I can drop off within a
reasonable distance of Rockville, MD.  I'd rather not deal with
shipping but will consider it if all else fails.


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