Kieran Lavin kieran at
Mon Feb 16 06:36:06 CST 2009

On Sun, 15 Feb 2009 19:46:58 -0500, Frank Ewald wrote

> My 91 NX2000 hardtop was in storage for over 12 months, obviously  
> including a Canadian winter. I put my good battery in and was just  

Cheater!!!  Ray's battery *WAS* in the car and sat for several months *AND* 
started right up.

> planning on rolling the engine to get some fuel moving - but it 
> fired  right up. Sadly, the body was shot on this car so it's now 
> parted  out. It was 0 degrees on the day I parted it out - put the 

A lot of Ray's non SE-R friends thought he was nuts when he bought a 260k 
mile chasis to swap a 370k mile engine into because that chasis was shot.  
Now *THAT* is dedication.  Oh, and it was about 57 degrees the day we went 
to pick up Clint Fong's old car (anyone remember that name... aside from Pat 


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