diagnosing a mystery current drain

Jon turboser3006 at verizon.net
Sat Nov 22 22:41:53 CST 2008

Sounds like a cooked fuse in your meter. That is a big circuit to try to 
measure with a 10A meter. If your meter is a pretty good one with a mV 
scale, sometimes you can measure mV between the NEG battery post and the 
bolt on the frame for the wire. If you see a few mV, try turning some 
things on like the dome lamp to give yourself an idea of mV/amp. Then 
you can start pulling fuses to see what is using current.

Jon Davis

David Pertuz wrote:
> So....I hook my meter up in series with the ground terminal, and I get 
> no current reading. Zero point zero zero. ?!??
> I pull out various fuses (ignition off, key out) and check for current 
> across the various fuse terminals, and I get no current. ?!?

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