'94 G20 Cruise Control Broken

George Roffe geo31 at suddenlink.net
Mon Sep 22 11:19:26 CDT 2008

If Pat's advice doesn't pan out for you, the FSM actually has a pretty thorough trouble shooting guide for the cruise system. I was lucky enough to never have to use it, but when I was installing the cruise on my 91 SE-R I looked it over (more than a quick glance) just in case I ran into problems. I don't know if you've consulted the FSM, but it might be worth a look.
George Roffe

---- Jon Pennington <cowboydren at gmail.com> wrote:

Without warning, the cruise on my '94 G20 doesn't work anymore.

Other than a broken cable or vacuum line, is there a magic link to
inspect to repair my system?
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