OT (possibly sacrilege) I need some help

Jon turboser3006 at verizon.net
Mon Jun 23 20:05:00 CDT 2008

I apologize for being sacreligious... but I don't know where else to 
turn and I know the SER community to be helpful and more importantly, 
knowledgeable. I have had no luck on the web. I am helping my dad with 
his 2nd gen Eclipse GST. The bearings in the original turbo are bad and 
the shaft wobbles. It was putting some oil into the engine. We caught it 
before it did any damage to the engine. I wanted to get something 
better, but it doesn't seem like much applies from what I know about SER.

Performance goals:
improved driveability (throttle response)
turbo that runs in a better part of the efficiency curve

Basically, dad doesn't want to run more boost, and if there is more 
power than stock, it should come from cooler intake charge and lower 
back pressure. He wants stock appearance. Is there anything out there 
with a ball bearing center he can get that has the better 
turbine/compressor than the original T25? I have found what they call a 
"big T28" which seems to fit the bill except no ball bearing center.


Jon Davis

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