1993 SE-R ??? $300 ???

Wayne wc701lists at bellsouth.net
Sun Apr 20 20:08:26 CDT 2008

Several days ago I posted a for-sale on my not running but clean 1993
SE-R.  Lots of web hits, but no replies.

So let here's offer #2.

The local scrap yard pays $11.50 per hundred pounds of car.  At a
guestimated 2,450 lbs that's $282.  Two Hundred and Eighty Two dollars!
  I think that's going to happen soon, so any counter offers will be
considered!!  Pick up near Asheville, NC (zip 28760)

See:  http://www.xxiii.com/~wcox/SE-R/

   -Wayne Cox

Orig 4/11/2008

I have a 1993 SE-R with a pretty clean body that I need to sell.

It has only 117,000 miles and has spent its life in VA and NC and is
nearly rust free.

Some quick background:  I'm the 2nd owner.  Bought it in 2003 and only
drove it a couple years.  It puked the front crank main seal while I was
driving home from work.   Oil light never came on, and I didn't realize
till I saw the big puddle of oil in the garage.  It seems to have a very
light tapping sound in the the engine, like one of the rod bearings may
have been slightly damaged.  In an all too common fit of
procrastination, I parked it outside, and it's been sitting for nearly
two years undriven.  I REALLY just need to get it out of the way.

Anyone wanna buy it?  Make me an offer.  It's not running, until the
fixes mentioned above are done.  And the brake rotors are so rusty, it
might even be difficult to roll.  You will need to transport it from my
place near Asheville, NC (zip 28760 gets you real close on online maps.)

The Kosei wheels in the pictures DO NOT come with it.  Unless you wanna
buy them for about $350 (yeah, dat's right -- tree-fidty!)  I'll put
stock SE-R wheels with crap tires back on it.

There are some other problems, including some mildew and mouse poo in
the interior.  But it comes with parts to fix most, plus nearly anything
you want from my stash of SE-R stuff, including lots of stuff from
another part out.

Make me an offer!

See:  http://www.xxiii.com/~wcox/SE-R/

  -Wayne Cox

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