Black SE-R for sale-Update with pics

Hinhlina Phouybanhdyt hinhp at
Mon Mar 24 19:35:22 CDT 2008

Okay, the pics are up. Here are some more details and corrections.

  a.. The intake is AEM, not Place Racing. Got confused with the white SE-R that I had
  b.. I also installed Pacesetter header. Yes, I replaced all the studs. I also put in Pacesetter exhaust, but they rusted out and been replaced here and there with bit and pieces by my local exhaust guy
  c.. It has upper front strut bar, generic brand
  d.. I installed Wheelskins on the steering wheel (nice, all my cars have this now :-)
  e.. Battery is less than 1 year old so are the spark plugs
  f.. The air conditioning does not work. I think it works, my stepson was just too cheap (or too poor, he is still in college after all) to fill it with freon last summer
  g.. The dash is still in good shape
  h.. The doors were cut for component speaker (Polk are in there right now)
  i.. Trans fluid is Redline ATF

Right rear caliper and rotor were replaced last week after my stepson told me about a vibration. That didn't fix it so I had the other 3 rotors turned. Vibration is gone, but........I think the right front caliper is frozen. I know this because when I drove it to get the wheels clean, there was a lot of steam came out of the right front wheel. I think it has a lifetime warranty from Advanced Auto Parts so I'm gonna check my receipt and get that fix before I sell it. This will save you some money. That's all I can think of. If you have any other questions, let me know. When I had the car, I took good care of it. My stepson had it for the last 2 years. I am on spring break this week so you can contact me on the email or my cell 920-242-4652.

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